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I wrote an essay on womens educations and the more research I did the more I realized my thesis was BS but I was in too deep already. SO I KEPT ON WRITING MY BS ESSAY BY USING CREATIVE LICENSE AND SELECTIVE READING AND MANIPULATING THE FACTS TO FIT HOW I WANTED THEM TO.

why do I feel so bad about this hahahaha

still got a 99 though.


Also, does anyone ever just kinda know they are awesome and you are being complemented and you feel kinda bad for being so rad that you come up with stupid insecurities?

"yeah, i know i got a 100 on my calculus final, but you know.. it’s not THAT amazing"

omg i end up sounding even cockier.

Can you believe it’s been one year already?

It’s been nice.

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I’m in the mood for being sad to tonight

I was supposed to have written an essay yesterday, but instead I watched porn.

Life decisions.

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Today was a good day. Tomorrow I’m watching the grand budapest hotel, This will be a good weekend.


Alexandre Cabanel “Fallen Angel” detail.